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D and D Miniature figure – completed

I completed the Dragonborn warrior figure this evening ready to post out tomorrow. It was my first an a long time “oneoffs”. I am okay with it, but wish I had time to go back and do it again. I am much happier working with GW “horde” painting. Close up shots tend to bring out all the errors in the job. This mini was a bit flawed in my opinion. First it had a lot of flash running down one side from neck to cloak. Second, when it fell to the bench once, I found out the shield arm was glued on at the elbow. That meant some cleaning up and regluing (superglue on elbow joint and shield meeting leg). Finally, the bottom of the mini, especially the inside of the lower body was very poorly detailed and very “lumpy”. Overall, I found it hard to enjoy painting. The head being too small for a start. The best bit of the model are the shoulder armour plates. The rest is a bit meh (like the painting IMHO) Oh well, practise makes better.
Take a look yourself….