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Building and painting the Airfix 1815 La Haye Sainte farmhouse

Here’s a little project I was keeping on the back burner but then it just came out of the loft for a look and a three days later was finished. The box set was a reprint of one from the 1970’s I believe.

This kit cost me a little over 20 pounds several years ago. It comes in 20mm scale and contains a multi-part snapfit Farm, a two-part textured baseboard and several bags of figures from the Airfix range. It did have some paints and glue and brushes but they went from the kit some time back. The figures are a task for another time….

The 2×2 baseboard was cut to match up the two halves as best as possible and then glued to a piece of hard board. I chose to mount it on 2×3 foot board and then textured the rest of the board. The board was undercoated with spray primer and then painted with standard emulsion paints (“tester” pots are wonderful for this). The top-level paintwork was finished off with Vallejo Game color acrylics in the places where the static grass wouldn’t be covering. PVA glue was used to secure the static grass. The whole thing was matt varnished with a spray to dull down the paint and help fix the Javis static grass.

The Farm was glued together with plastic glue and then undercoated with a white spray. Vallejo Game color’s were used to give life to the model. A light drybrush was used on the roofs to give more of a 3D effect. It was finished with a watered down black wash to show the brickwork then sprayed with a matt varnished.

Here is the process…. a small conversion of the farm gate had to be done as the real Farm has the front gate flush with the walls. You can still see the farm on google maps and panoramio here.