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Red Dawn 3- building the US Tanks for “All Quiet on the Martian Front”

I decided to start by building 10 tanks…

There would be one “command tank” with one main gun and a HMG and then three lots of three MkIII Steam tanks each with three 4 inch guns – a nice little tank company.

The tanks were easy to remove from the sprues and assemble. Cleanup is very little indeed. Gluing was straightforward – the tank base and body are held in place by “snapping on” the two side pieces that have the track moulded on so that bit is easy to “dry fit”.

Hopefully painting will be straightforward too, just like Tigers in 15mm scale for ‘Flames of War’!

Next I hope to build one more command tank and try my hand at converting one more tank into a “clamp tank”.

That will leave six tanks, probably to make into MkII Steamer tanks – they just look cool even without the heavy firepower.


Red Dawn 2- building the Martians for “All Quiet on the Martian Front”

I decided to build six of the Assault Tripods for the Martian force (then go on to build some US tanks to play against them) in a phased approach.

Here are some of the things I tried to do….

1) I am not keen on the Green Gas throwing model – I converted two Black Dust Launchers and two “Gas Bomb” holders into two “powered” launchers – one for each arm of the Tripod.

2) I converted an Assault Tripod and two Black Dust Launchers into a plastic “Grenadier Tripod”. I just used three of the “variable” legs from three of the Tripod sprues to make short legs (by not adding in the middle section). Then missed out the rectangular body piece and added the newly converted “rocket launcher” doohickeys.

3) I made three classic Heat Ray Tripods and then one traditional Black Dust Launcher.

4) I now have some spare parts especially leg sections so I may try to make one of the taller Tripod models (some plasticard is on its way).

5) Some of the plasticard can be used to make armour plates (I hope) to make a Veteran Tripod model.

I undercoated the plastic with white spray Primer, then Silver paint from Vallejo Game Color. A 50/50 black ink wash was used to give some texture and solidity to the model. Next will be a little paint to give a three colour effect (Keep it Simple!)

Basing – I have some various “red” accessories to try out and look forward to giving a real Martian feel to the Tripod bases!

New Saga Spanish army – built and undercoated

Here is my recent post about the plastic SAGA Spanish army I am building.

It’s now undercoated ready for painting… LINK.

ACW: Altar of War – making terrain – woods and fields – part 1

I made a start on the terrain after receiving an order of Woodland Scenics ‘bushes’ clump foliage (in light, medium and dark green). Parts FC1645  FC1646 FC1647.

I used a pack of 5 A4 black foamcard sheets (5mm thickness) to create a canopy for the woodland. PVA glue was generously applied to the foamcard and the bushes mixed up (in a 1:1:1 ratio of colours). The bushes were pressed onto the sheets and left 24 hours to dry.

I now need to go back and hot glue on more of the WC bushes to the bare parts of the board where the glue didn’t do its job.

I have 13 of these woods from the 5 sheets of A4 card. Next, I need to put some supports under the woods to raise them off the table. Units can then be pushed under the edges of the woods without removing them completely. See the link to the AoW website…. link.

Next, I cut up a 500mm x 500mm sandy coloured floor carpet tile into a number of rectangles. I used the same WS bushes and a hot glue gun to apply the bushes to the edges of the carpet tiles. Bingo, you have a quick field of wheat.

I have another darker carpet tile to use as well.

Saga: Review of Gripping Beast Milites Christi 28mm metal models

Here is my review of some of the Gripping Beast models for the Crescent and the Cross faction “Milites Christi”… LINK.

Painting the first Union Troops for Altar of Freedom wargame

I managed to get the first batch of ACW Union troops completed for the Altar of Freedom game. The only thing left for these guys is to take a felt tip pen to the edge of some of the paper flags to get rid of the white (where the fiddly edges didn’t go together quite right!).

Painting in 6mm is hard on my eyes – I don’t know how I am going to go back to finish off my GW Epic Space Marines (!)

The first batch is for the Union – Three Generals, three HQ’s (using some horse holders and pices of triangular balsa wood for tents), one cavalry brigade, six artillery brigades and 12 infantry brigades. All were completed using Vallejo Game Color acyclic paints, flexible filler, MDF bases, PVA to hold talus and static grass. Finished with a matt varnish spray and paper flags added (from baccus).

Next time I don’t think I will put the figures on the lolly sticks – just stick them straight to the bases and paint, strating with the Trousers and then working up – paint the base brwon last (carefully near the figures).

acw fed t1 (16)

Paint guide:

Base – Desert Yellow (72063) with brown game ink wash (number has gone off the bottle!)

Horses and muskets – Tierra Earth (72062).

Saddlebags – Dead Flesh (72035) and Magic Blue (72021).

Uniform Jacket/Kepis – Night Blue (72019)

Uniform Trousers – Electric Blue (72023 not 007 !)

Round Hats – Black (72051)

Banner pole tops and Gun barrels – Glorious Gold (72056)

Drybrush on all figures – Ghost Grey (72046)

Flesh – Pale Flesh (72003)

Artillery men trouser piping – Scarlett Red (72012)

Gun carriages – Sombre Grey (72040) with a drybrush of Wolf Grey (72047)

Preparing the units for Altar of Freedom

I weighed all of the little strips of models I had for my ACW armies. A fraction over 2Kg of 6mm scale metal that required very little cleanup.

The strips were sorted into which side and then into type. Each was given a light undercoat of white Primer spray.

After that I took a dozen brigades worth of Union infantry, and a few supporting units – enough for the First Bull run scenario in the ‘Altar of Freedom‘ supplement for the Eastern theatre – and then tacked them to lollipop sticks for painting.

The next job is painting (followed by the Confederate force!)