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Saga Baggage – part painted

I needed to have my Saga Baggage at least part painted and based in case it was needed on the table ( I hate unpainted models for gaming if it can be avoided). Here’s a couple of evenings quick work to at least get paint on 95% of the models.


Update on building and modelling: Saga Baggage

I just wanted to add some pictures of a start on the baggage items for Saga. Eventually there will be some posts on the site. For now, I will leave you with the progress from earlier last week. I also made a small bucket load of scenery, about 20 pieces including rough ground, hills and uneven terrain, starting with some board cut from hard board sheets. I edged the sawn wood with a resinous filler (cartridge gun glue form a DIY store).

I decided to use 5x10cm mdf bases for larger pieces of baggage and 4x6cm pieces of plastic bases for the others.

Using my imagination from the purchases I made a few months back, nine bases came out of the “furnace”.  Add to that the three Carts I already have, and there’s enough for four games of “The Escort” mission at the same time(!)

Monks, Pilgrims, more Monks, Armed Pilgrims (slings), chickens, Highland cattle, sheep, slavers and merchants with ponies…

Saga: Some new “baggage” items for Saga….

One of my Saga related projects is to paint up some different kinds of baggage for the game.

Saga allows you to have three bases that you can escort in a mission called “The Escort” (strangely enough!) These bases are some kind of valuables. Putting my thinking hat on and shopping around on the net, I found some various items.

Monks (off on a pilgrimage).,,, some Pilgrims (another pilgrimage), some angry Pilgrims (attacked making a pilgrimage),,,,  also Cattle and hens and herders; goods for Carts; slaves and slavers. All i need now is a war chest for the carts and I am sorted!

The bottom line in Saga is that the baggage can fight back! It doesn’t just sit there and wait to be captured or killed. It has Attacks and an Armour rating and is activated as if it were Hearthguard. Wow! Recently, I embarrassingly had a unit of four Viking hearthguard who were forced to disengage after failing to damage a Byzantine baggage cart.  Those ladies on the back sure fought hard!

The figures came from Gripping Beast, Perry Miniatures and Redoubt Enterprises. I am sure I will use some of the other suppliers in future….

Here are a few pictures until I can do a review on the

Flames of War – 15mm ruined buildings and bridges

Here are some recent purchases from eBay in some kind of resin. The three buildings and two bridges cost around 15 pounds including postage which isn’t bad for a row of shops / houses and river crossing! The bridges painted up nicely so the buildings should not be too much of a problem.

A few medium and small bases of infantry and small vehicles were added to give the scale.

4Ground games – Dark Age homes for Saga

Unless you have been asleep, you must have noticed the increase in laser cut mdf buildings in the last year. The company  4Ground are no exception. Their products catch the eye, are good on the pocket, and don’t need much finishing or lengthy build times. I found the delivery times to be acceptable (not super fast, but fine).

I recently bought 3 of their buildings to use in the Saga wargame.

Once I took the Anglo-Dane hovel out of its sprues (?) and looked at the excellent sheet of full colour instructions, the thing came together very quickly. Just add PVA and a little time. Get yourself a an old size one brush and off you go… (and yes, i did finish off the roof with a little water and pva glue mix with a larger brush – it works fine and gets the top of the roof sorted – the bit where the grain of the material wants to go upwards over the roof! just add a bit more pva to the water mix and give it a gentle working over down the roof)

Here’s a picture drop of the packing and assembly of the Anglo-dane hovel…

Saga Wargame – Review and Build – 4Ground Woods

Here’s a Review I wrote for the site… link here.
The laser cut products seem to be a good choice for Saga, but would be equally useful for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

woods (1)

WFB Beasts of Chaos Herdstone

After our recent game at Warhammer World I just wanted to showcase the little herdstone scenery piece that my friend Dean made for the game. He said the project took about 4 hours. Using a hot wire to sculpt the “rock” and adding various bitz with a great little paintjob on top and some flock to finish. I think it really made the game a great centrepiece. Nice work.  EDIT: Here’s a link to his blog: link

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