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Saga: Review and Event AAR

I have made a few updates to Saga but not mentioned them.

Last weekend I ran a SAGA Tournament as part of the “Pick n’ Mix” Annual gaming event in Stockport.

You can see the details HERE.

Also there was a review of models – Heroes this time – from Gripping Beast … details  HERE.

Finally, take a look at the Crescent and Cross faction,the Mutatawwi’a, HERE.








Saga: The Spanish Warband

I took a look at the Spanish faction from the upcoming Crescent and Cross book over on the site.

I am really liking the look of this new army – in fact they all look interesting with some real flavour and new mechanics – and the good news is you can play them against the existing Dark Age factions!

I haven’t included Saga dice costs or the Hero abilities in full as the book hasn’t been released yet – just something that really interested me and hopefully wets the appetite for “new SAGA”!




Saga – Tactics, Swords for Hire, Flemish Mercs and Rus Princes!

It’s a bit of a bonus post for Saga this time. It’s been a while since I mentioned the posts I put up on the website.

Sometime soon the new Crusades expansion will hit the decks, I will be reviewing that over on the WWPD site too!

Here’s a post about tactics in Saga. Good for beginners and interested parties. It’s over at the website.

If you are interested in some swords for Hire models from Gripping Beast, there’s  a post here about Flemish Mercenaries. For a model review on some GB Swords for Hire, see this link… here.


And for the Rus Prince battleboard walkthrough… see this link.

Saga: The Jomsvikings…

Here is my blog post that went up on today all about the Jomsvikings. Enjoy another slice of Dark Age goodness for the 28mm Saga skirmish wargame!Link.

Saga: Owen and The Alternative Strathclyde Faction

Another idea for a cheaper and fun version of the Saga Strathclyde Welsh faction… see the link to my article on http://www.sagatapestry.comhere.

Strathclyde Warriors

Saga: Tackling Mounted Factions

Here is an article I posted up on  about the problem of dealing with cavalry.



Saga: Swords for Hire – the ‘Sons of Death’

Here’s a link to an article I posted on the website for a deadly little unit for the Saga game…. the Gall-Gaedhil….