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WFB: 1500 point High Elves army – in action!

I got the 1500 points of High Elves completed for the Siege at Warhammer World so I thought I would share a few of the pictures.

I won’t say anything about the battle as my opponent, Dean, will be writing up the game Battle report in due course on his blog.

Suffice it to say Dean did us proud with his work on two of the old Warhammer polystyrene Castle kits. These wore laid out on one of the tables (¬† WW now has their plastic game boards on all the tables along with the scenery kits they sell). I wouldn’t like the job of painting 300+ 2 x 2 tiles and grassing them, though they do look great!

Here are a few teasers from the day at WW….


Quick stopover at Warhammer World

I recently made a quick stopover at Warhammer World in Nottingham and couldn’t resist the opportunity to wander round and take some photo’s…

PS: the roadworks in Lenton Lane have shifted recently. We came through the Industrial park, off the A52, and found ourselves having to U-turn just before the railway bridge about 200 metres from GW and go back onto the A52 and come off at the A6005 then take a right turn into Gregory Street at the White Hart pub to get onto the other end of Lenton Lane, the way I always used to go!! Please finish the roadworks Highways Agency!!!

AAR – Warhammer 40K – 2500 pts – Marines v Guard

A recent game at Warhammer World saw two mighty forces clash on a 6×8 table across a ruined city which included a large fortress. The Marines got the job of defending the Fortress. The Imperial Guard had to settle for less pleasant surroundings!


2500 points each, with three Cities of Death Stratagems each.


The Marines chose the table quarter with the Fortress as their start point and defensive position. The Guard got a large building in the opposite quarter.

The Marines put a squad of troops in the fortress as a defense plus the heavies with their ranged weapons at the front of the fortress to repel attacks. The Marine Terminator Captain stood on the rooftop also with a commanding view of the rear of his position… The rest of the force hid behind the fortress or to the opposite side ready to move forward.

The Guard had enough platoons to really spread out in the deployment area, pretty much outflanking the Marines position.

Stratagems were placed, with tank traps and barbed wire around to cut down the Marines approach.  The Guard Ratling snipers infiltrated on the rear flank of the fortress.

Guards won the first turn…


Turn 1:

The Guard moved quickly up, deploying squads to try to outflank the fortress and approach the entrance to it from the rear. Guard mortars ranged in on a rhino on the rear of the fortress causing some damage.

The Guard Hellhound heavy flame tank moved forward to the front of the Fortress. The Devastator squad on the roof of the Fortress failed to do more than destroy a minor weapon on the tank. The Marines had a first turn deep strike of a Dreadnought into the rear of the Guard position next to their HQ. It failed to do much with limited weaponry. Even the mortars nearby seemed to be disinterested in this new arrival.

The Guard targeted the Devastator unit and killed three of their number.

Turn 2.

A Guard Storm Trooper elite unit moved used deep strike to arrive in front of the Marine landraider. They failed to hit/penetrate though despite some decent technology.

Rough riders turned their attention to the Marine Dreadnought near their HQ, immobilising it.

Guard Ogryns had their Chimera blown out from under them but took no damage. Along with a Guard squad they attacked the walls of the fortress. Marines responded by countering with a squad of Assault Marines. Three Marines were lost but the Ogryns were still at the base of the fortress.

Terminators Deep Striked and ended up mid table in front of the Guard lines. They lost one man to enemy fire. A lucky strike.

Turn 3:

Marines tried to move a rhino, bikes and a predator up the right flank. Terminators took on a Leman Russ in assault.

A second dreadnought Deep Striked into the rear of the Guard lines and luckily bounced up against the edge of the HQ building.

The Guard Storm Trooper elites switched to a nearby rhino trying to break out of the fortress area. They thought they had easier pickings!

Rough Riders switched their attention to the advancing Marine Predator. By the end of the turn the predator was on fire.

Terminators lost two more men but exploded the Russ tank and killed some nearby guard in the secondary explosion.

Guard Storm Troopers elite crippled the rhino they were attacking.

Turn 4:

Marine bikes and troops fail to break through the pinch point on the right, being held by the Rough riders. The Marines in the fortress held back the attackers. More Guard approached the Fortress from the Marine left flank, led by a Psyker. The Psyker caused a couple of MArine casualties with some kind of ranged lightning attack much to the consternation of the Marine Captain on the Frotress roof.

The Dreadnought at the back of the Guard HQ fired on the defending Guard, but failed to do enough damage to make a difference. The defending troops advanced on the Dreadnought with threatening special weapons! The shots against the Dreddie finished it off.

Marine landspeeders deep striked into the Guard positions to try to take the pressure off the Marines being assaulted by the Rough Riders. They landed way off course and in the middle of the Guard firing lines and failed to do any significant damage.

The Ogryns, failing to assault the walls of the Fortress, turned and charged the tactical squad near the door to the Fortress. Marine defenders in the fortress shot the remaining Guard squad near the base, whitling the numbers down severely.

The Guard Storm Trooper elite finally cracked their rhino.

Turn 5:

The last of the Guard troops attacking the Fortress were despatched. The Ogryns near the door were whittled down but failed to make it into the Fortress.

Several  Guard units finished off the Marine bikes and Landspeeders. Neither side was going anywhere fast.

We ran out of time at the end of turn 5 and called the game at this point. No clear victory to either side, though the Marines had lost more points than the Guard. A moral victory to the Guard….?


The new W40K Dark Vengeance set – at Warhammer World

Here are a few pictures of the new plastic models from the Warhammer 40,000 6th edition ‘starter box’ set. These were featured on the demo table at the GW shop inside Warhammer World in Nottingham. Unfortunately the light level is fairly low in this area…

Model Gallery at Warhammer World

At the top of Warhammer world in Nottingham is a long gallery full of glass cabinets showcasing the best painting talents out there. Some of the exhibits are now museum pieces, being classics from the late 80’s. Older gamers will recognise some of them in the following gallery.

The exhibits seemed to have changed to some reasonable extent since I last took my camera along so here are the results of quite a few of the displays….


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Another Visit to Warhammer World in Nottingham

Saturday just gone saw another trip to Warhammer World at GW HQ in Nottingham. The morning started in a thick mist and the 79 mile drive their concluded with glorious sunshine.

On entering the Car Park I was confronted with a new addition. Well it is new to me, I haven’t been for a while.

The car park was heaving…. there was a 40K Tournament. Looking at the squeeze around the tables it was some kind of doubles.

We had a table reserved for our game, but the noise. It really was difficult to hear your opponent until the tourney guys stopped for breaks.

Here are a few piccies from within the venue that day.

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The venue is well worth a visit and is generally open 10-6 all week round. Check the GW web site for details.

WW visit March 2011 – photos only – 40K IG v Ork/Eldar 2K

Photo’s added to blog for posterity.