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Zvezda are not just for World War Two!

Having looked about for some substitutes for the ever-increasing price of GW fantasy models, I was surprised to find Zvezda also make a 28mm fantasy range in plastic.

I had considered Zvezda as a possible source of Flames of War 15mm equipment and other scale WW2.

However, they also do a wide range of other models including a fantasy range called “Ring of Rule” in 28mm. Various suppliers seem to stock them around the world, although availability and price seem a bit variable.

Here as some examples….

Ring of Rule Siege

Zvezda Ring of Rule Siege

Orc Siege Saurus.

Zvezda Ring of Rule Orcs Siege Saurus

Edit: here’s a link to a Zvezda Siege Tower article… here

I am tempted to try the Saurus Рit could be converted. One thing I do find a bit confusing is the scales of this range on different websites. Some say 28mm or 1/60 others list them under 1/72.  That would need checking out before purchase.


Flames of War – Box Opening of Zvezda plastic Sd Kfz 222 armoured car

Just got these delivered so wanted to show the sprues. This is a 1/100 kit from Zvezda bought from the plastic soldier company in the UK. I got two of them to see what they were like. There are no parts to turn it ino a 223 radio car (which is a disappointment, it could have been done pretty easily IMHO but there you go).

Having tried removing a few of the parts from the sprue it seems very fiddly for my large fingers and I am not enjoying the experience so far!