Saga: The Spanish Warband

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I took a look at the Spanish faction from the upcoming Crescent and Cross book over on the site.

I am really liking the look of this new army – in fact they all look interesting with some real flavour and new mechanics – and the good news is you can play them against the existing Dark Age factions!

I haven’t included Saga dice costs or the Hero abilities in full as the book hasn’t been released yet – just something that really interested me and hopefully wets the appetite for “new SAGA”!




Wargame Tournaments – MDF wall sections for 40K

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Here’s some mdf scenery for games like 40k that I won on an eBay auction. It’s another from Wargames Tournaments.

I got 48 wall pieces, that pair up in twos (if that makes sense) into 12 pieces of ruined wall terrain. Great, cheap hardcover for your sci-fi armies. You can paint them up but the detail may be lost. Just glue the two halves together then use the triangular piece to make the corner joint. Done!

The pieces all slot together with no bother and look quite good as they. Not bad for less than UK GBP 9.00 including postage!

I added the nearest model (a GW High Elves spearman) for an idea of scale.



High Elves – a few more spearmen to add to the mix

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I bought some unpainted High Elves on eBay a few weeks back. They were in good shape, all that needed doing was a bit of rebuilding on one figure where the poses and glue had got a bit “awry”. A quick re-undercoat with Halfords white primer spray and here they are. The painted guy on the back right is what they will become – a nice quick paint job to get them to match my little High Elves army… link.




New teams for Flames of War – US and Axis

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I got a chance to work on some new German and US teams for Flames of War. I am gradually getting rid of my FoW painting queue (well for WW2 anyway!) These are “works in progress” for the Germans…

The US have a revamped 37mm gun (I repositioned the gun as the barrel is flimsy, I like my gun barrels to sit within the area of the plastic base!). I also added the last of the spare bazookas.

The Axis have two new 8-rad scout cars (heavy recon) and two new 2cm AA guns (Fallschirmjager variety).



15mm MDF Wargames Tournaments Cafe Gondree kit

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Here’s the part assembled Cafe Gondree kit from Wargames Tournaments as part of the “Pegasus Bridge” scene…. There’s a lot of window shutters to add yet! Here’s the last post I made on their ruined farm building… link.

The kit was straightforward to pop out and hot glue together. The company recommend to superglue the kit not PVA it, I just went for speed! The shutters will be a pain. There was an instruction sheet, but you really don’t need it, just remember to dry fit the pieces first!

Each floor of each ‘segment’ of the building holds 3 medium Flames of War teams – just so that’s 12 bases max – not bad. You may have to put the edge of one base over the other by a mm or two to fit the three in each part though. The kit does come in other scales such as 20mm and 28mm.

The assembled kit is pretty strong and should paint up well.  Here is the real deal for inspiration… link.


Amber RPG: progress on gaming figures

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Some of you may recall I bought some metal minis as characters in a long running RPG some time back, see this link.

Well, I got some paint on them and took them to the Amber session last weekend (these are held quarterly in Manchester).  After talking to the players I now have the details to finish them off.

Here’s what i have to date – and yes, one arm came off in bubble wrap transit…


Saga Review NEW “The Crescent & the Cross”

•June 30, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Here’s a link to my latest review – the soon-to-be released english version of SAGA: The Crescent and the Cross….




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