Saga: LBMS Shield Decals

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I recently checked out some Shield decals from LBMS. If you didn’t see this article on the then you can find it here…



WWPD4Vets 2014 – Raising cash for Help for Heroes at Salute2014

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Hey there – it’s a busy time at Old Giant HQ..

WWPd4Vets is the second year of 24 hour worldwide gaming and gameyness to help raise money for Veterans Charities. The events are tweeted and some are live video streamed!

In the UK our chosen charity is Help for Heroes…

Please help if you can. Here is my forum post contents on

“Just so as not to be left out please give generously from now and as long as you want on my Help for Heroes web page.

Please use the link above so we can count all the donations toward WWPD4Vets.

I will be tweeting #WWPD4Vets on Saturday 12th April from SALUTE 2014 in London’s Docklands!!! You can follow all the 24 hours worldwide action from there.

Follow us on Twitter: Look for #WWPD4Vets updates on Twitter! We are @WWPDPodcast

As i am busy going round the show and meeting people and recording events I am going to be pressed for time for raising money… so ….

As an extra incentive I am offering the following to all UK-based contributors…. (and remember to use Gift Aid in the UK to give the tax to H4H !!)

Just donate as much as you can give to the charity donations page for H4H and use the comments box to add you WWPD Forum name and a preference of one of the following items. remember the page for donations to count is:

So just donate and add (for example) the support message/comment “ambler Saga” if your WWPD forum name is ‘ambler’ and you would prefer the Saga prize.

I can’t guarantee that you will get exactly what you want but it helps.

Who wins these great prizes? For the first three people to donate the highest amounts of 50 UK pounds or above and leave their WWPD forum contact details (not your address, email or phone please!!!!) I am offering the following:

If you are not a WWPD forum user please email me at gamer2 (at) dalesys. co. uk

A Flames of War “Open Fire” Starter Set. Just say “Flames” after your name if you have that preference.

A Dropzone Commander Starter set. Just say “Dropzone” in the comments with your forum name.

A Saga 6 point (yes SIX not 4!!!) Gripping Beast starter metal set. Just say “Saga” after your forum name. The chosen army is the Irish Warband.

And to the highest runner-up after the above and donating at least 30 pounds, a T-shirt of my choosing (gamey but not offensive).  Again in all cases leave your forum id and i will PM you get your size details. They go up to UK 2X (2x fits me great and i am a barrel chested 48 !!)

So there you have it. I have got together some neat prize support to say thanks for your generous giving. So please dig deep and donate to Help for Heroes !

Notes: Delivery to UK addresses only by Royal Mail. As these are rewards for donations not purchases the nominal value of the goods is £0.0001
I will decide the winners (you are all winners to me for donating any amount!) in descending order of donation value at the end of Sunday 12th April when i have recovered from the event. In the event that there are less winning amounts than prizes, you can continue to donate for another week after the event ffor whatever is left. My decision is final and all monies raised will go to H4H.”





FoW: Box Opening of PSC 15mm plastic Stuart tank kit

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I recently picked up a box of five Plastic Soldier Company Stuart M5A1 tanks to round out my Flames of War US troops.

The bottom line is they appear to be a good model and easy to build. Each sprue can build an early, mid or late version of the tank. The good news is that there are two sets of tracks and three chassis. You could almost build two tanks. I decided to make a second turretless version of the late-model to use up the parts (I used the third chassis and a craft knife to fill in the gaps at the front and back of the chassis!) Just add a bottle of plastic glue and some paint and you have a good value for money set of tanks. There is also a hedgecutter on each sprue for Normandy based tanks.

The turret is held in place by turning it 90 degrees after inserting it into the chassis. No magnets required!

I have to give this kit a thumbs up, with the only problem I can see being the barrel of the machine gun being a bit flimsy (see the pictures of the constructed early variant – there is no protection for the MG as it sticks out of the side of the turret. If you have spare metal ones try using those with some superglue).

Here are the pictures…

Amber RPG: Models for Player Characters

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For many years I have been a part of a group of RPGers playing a diceless game in Roger Zelazny’s “Amber” multiverse.

A few months ago I decided it was about time to round up some 28mm scale models and paint them up as our group of player characters. After a good look around I found some Reaper miniatures that seemed almost ideal

The game is a mix of science fantasy where anything goes really.

Here are the models I have found so far… but i have a couple more on order….

Epic Space Marine – rounding up the models for painting…

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I recently dug out my old Space Marine models for one of the kids to play with. I needed to find them anyway as they need painting up for a future game. While they were on the table I took a few pictures to remember what was there. A chunk of them came from one collection and had been painted yellow with little else done to them.

There are also a number of other mix and match marines, rhinos and land raiders. There are also two old plastic Warlord titans in need of a revamp. The yelloy painted troops include a devastator company.

Another job to do this year…. and pretty much a Chapter of troops here to do it with!


Saga: Review of Gripping Beast Irish models.

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Here is another review article I wrote for the website.

Link to Irish figure review

Some very nice models and not too expensive. When you buy the 4 point starter warbands you are getting all the weapons and bases and the Warlord figure is effectively free (when compared to buying units seperately)

Flames of War – Early War French Tank Squadron – FiB Somua S-35

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I have been so busy for a couple of weeks I haven’t had time to actually blog about the projects I am working on.

That means there is a bit of a backlog about to hit this site!


I spent several hours over a weekend building and painting the eight Forged in Battle resin and metal French Somua S35 tanks I got for my birthday. Here are the results from gluing to painting to decals.

The tanks were undercoated with Halfords white primer spray (I really recommend this for undercoating any models, its consistency and application are fantastic).

The paints used were from the Vallejo Game Color range: Metallic for the tracks, Bestial brown, Khaki and Cayman Green for the camouflage and a light drybrush of Khaki for the edges to give more definition. the base was painted with Terra.

Army Painter Dark Tone dip was used as a sealant and to shade the tanks. The grass is Javis spring mix static grass. Once dry I used Army Painter anti-shine Matt spray varnish to take off the gloss effect of the dip.

After that, I used a set of decals (QRF French Roundels) the smallest on the sheets I bought). Two per tank, using images on the internet as a guide for where to place them. I didn’t think it made sense to paint a target on the frontal armour so went with side options for decals!

A few things I noticed: the tanks chassis are made of resin, one of the exhausts had broken off by the time I received it, just at the point where it goes over the back of the tank. With no “netting roll” or whatever it is on the back of one of the models to protect it, the resin had just broken off. A small pice has also come away from the front of another tank since painting. And they haven’t been used in battle yet!

The decals were pretty straightforward, but you really need to get them on a flat surface. Even with a softener, it looks better if they are on a flat surface. A Couple of them don’t seem to sit well on the right side panel. Will have to see if they come off. I did go back and matt varnish over them to help with adhesion!

In close-up I can see a few stray brush hairs and static grass pieces on the tanks, probably stuck to the varnish at some point. Will have to try to check more carefully next time!  One tank has a wonky gun barrel that needs straightening – these guns are a bit flimsy and need removing with care from their castings. One of the eight barrels had also been cast without the end of the barrel and had made it through quality control. I just went with it, but I should really have asked for this and the tank with broken exhaust to be replaced. When you consider these are hand packed into foam you shouldn’t really be getting chipped features or deformed parts. Maybe the resin isn’t as tough as the stuff Battlefront uses? To be fair, I have had a share of issues with Battlefront models but they have always been replaced when going through their customer support. It pays to ask, so don’t put up with problems.

Here they are…

FoW 15mm Somua EW (30) FoW 15mm Somua EW (35)

FoW 15mm Somua EW (28) FoW 15mm Somua EW (31)

FoW 15mm Somua EW (7) FoW 15mm Somua EW (8)


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